Drone On Death

There was a building in North Wazirstan which is located in the nation of Pakistan which is used by local people as a Sharia court and a few days ago it was filled with people engaged in the act of arguing about points of law when suddenly out of the sky arrived several drones from American sources. Within moments sixteen people were dead. Pakistan soldiers quickly cordoned off the area making it impossible to secure accurate information about the men who were killed. Our folk in Virginia are convinced the dead were militants seeking to kill US soldiers. There is no doubt when our folk in Virginia insist someone is a militant one can be assured the dead are militants.

President Obama has repeatedly promised to tighten the process by which drones kill and kill. Oh, there is a new prime minister in Pakistan and his greeting from America is a drone strike. There is no doubt he is happy for this wonderful gift from the United States.  The only certain aspect of American policy in Pakistan is that people will die from drones whose targets are always bad guys.