Drone On Drones

Somewhere along the way of his presidency President Barack Obama decided that America must focus on the use of drones in order to defeat the Taliban. Another drone strike in Afghanistan and in Pakistan led to thousands protesting the death of another child. The essence of the Drone Theory is that killing Taliban leaders will result in the collapse of the Taliban. This theory has been at play for years. Is there the slightest sign that it is working? Is the Taliban weaker? Or, has the Taliban gained strength in the nonstop use of drones to kill the bad guys along with some of the nice guys? The problem with the Obama Theory is there is absolutely NO evidence it is working? The history of guerrilla warfare does not display evidence that killing guerrilla leaders results in “victory” over evil doers. We send drones into guerrilla areas, they send missiles into buildings, they kill and along the way they also kill the innocent.

The problem with Drones is they do NOT lead to the decline of the Taliban. In fact, they gain adherents from those who live in fear of Drones. Barack Obama should study how guerrilla warfare is defeated. It is NOT with use of Drones!

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