Drone On My Friendly Drone

Once upon a time armies gathered in a field, eyed one another, a shout was uttered about “charging” and thousands of men ran toward the enemy with blood   or vengeance in their heart. That was then, today we have reliable robots who we call, Drones. They fly up in the sky, take pictures of bad people down below, trigger their weapons and swoop down to blast the hell out of the enemy. Ben Emmerson,  UN special rapporteur is in the process of investigating whether or not the use of such drones violates international law. He is interested in ascertaining how many innocent civilians wind up dead when drones go into action. Several nations such as Pakistan have requested such an investigation, given constant use of drones by American forces who happen to send drones into another country without permission,.

A question of paramount importance to Emmerson is: “whether aerial targeting drones   is an appropriate method of conflict… where the individuals are embedded in a local immunity.” He wants to determine the level of permissible risk that should be allowed in a drone attack where civilians are present.