Drone On With Death

President Obama will present to the nation his rationale for sending drones to kill enemy forces and the  overall strategy of countering terrorism. There is no doubt that drones have and will be capable of killing terrorist leaders. There is also no doubt drones also kill innocent people in the process. The essential theory of using  drones is to kill leaders. Unfortunately, there is no example in the twentieth century that killing leaders led to the collapse of a terrorist group. Osama bin Laden is dead, but al-Qaeda has GROWN IN POWER since that death. Al-Qaeda is now in Mali, in Chad, in Libya and its allies are now in Nigeria-DESPITE THE DEATH OF OSAMA BIN LADEN.

In the process of using drones the United States has gained the hatred of millions. We challenge President Obama to provide evidence that killing leaders ends terrorism.

Oh, he will also talk about Guantanamo. On that point, he is right, close the damn place once and for all.