Drones And Freedom

There is  something ironic in having as president of the United States a man who once taught constitutional law to students. This same man is now defending and employing drones which not  only murder people who are deemed to be “terrorists” but also encroach on the privacy of individuals. Each day more and more drones are being used by local police forces, state police, private companies and even individuals. Among the cherished rights  of Englishmen which American colonists valued highly was the “right of privacy.” This meant no one could enter your home without a legal search warrant.

Goodbye to those old fashioned ideas. Drones can intrude upon the privacy of any American. They can peer into your window, check out your home, read what is  on your table and make mockery of your right to privacy. Hopefully, they will not zap you because someone in Virginia has your name on a list of those to be killed.

Oh, for the days of George Bush.