Drones And Patrols. A Defense Do Not Make

President Barack Obama never met a n issue that he could not offer two views on how to resolve it, but never inform the world which of the two was consistent with his own ideas. Americans, as usual during an economic crisis, are expressing concerns about immigration from Mexico. Although, the return of illegal immigrants has risen during his two years in office, Obama prefers waffling to explaining reality to the American public. He has decided to demonstrate his desire to close the border by deploying more patrols to the area, including National Guard units, and will shortly authorize the use of drone planes along the border. The Texas governor who is against any use of Federal money, is furious at the thought drone planes would be stationed in Arizona, and is demanding they be where all planes must be housed, in the beloved land of Texas. It is a matter of money, not principle, which is the main principle proclaimed by Tea Party supporters.

Illegal immigrants are not taking jobs from native born Americans, they do the dirty work of society that nice white and black boys and girls do not wish to do. Now, if Texas Republicans could find a way to make money out of illegal immigrants, they will line up for a handout.