Drones Drone Along Killing–Who Is Question?

The Drone wars continue and they also continue raising questions as to the precise success or failure of this effort to kill Islamic militants in Afghanistan. An AP reporter visited 10 sites in North Waziristan which had been the object of drone attacks. After speaking to 80 villagers he came up with the following figures:

1. Of the 194 people killed in the raids, 138 were militants.

2. 56 civilians or tribal police were killed in these raids.

3. 38 civilians were killed in a  single raid so aside from this killing of the innocent, on the average drone attacks resulted in a 10% civilian death rate.

The reporter brought his conclusions to the US military which rejected the idea that a single drone attack ever killed a single civilian. Talk about hubris!

Innocent and guilty people die in wars. Why try to hide the truth?