Drones Drone On Killing

I feel pleased knowing the president of the United States of America was a former teacher of constitutional law. Unlike the cowboy from Texas, Barack Obama spent years delving into issues of constitutional procedure. But, for some strange reason the man of law has turned out to be the man of action, and the hell with law! There are an increasing number of legal and defense analysts expressing concern regarding the use of drone planes.  Former Joint Chief Gen. James Cartwright, expressed support for use of drones, but added “I’m concerned we may have ceded some of our high moral ground.”

Obama may insist the drone program only results in death of bad guys. But, there is overwhelming evidence it also results in death of hundreds of innocent civilians. As Rosa Brooks, a professor at Georgetown University puts it drones “can kill anyone  at any time anywhere through a process that is completely secrecy.”

It is weird when conservatives like Rand Paul declaim about individual rights in discussing the drone program. Did anyone  ever believe conservatives who don’t give a damn about poor people would be leading the fight for human rights??