Drones For Peace

There are drones for war and drones for peace. There are drones for bad guys and drones which assist good people to get to heaven a bit early. There are drones which strike women and children and drones which kill in order to prevent Americans from getting killed. Ben Emerson, the special United Nations rappoteur who studies the drone killing issue has reached conclusions that contradict what the American government claims to be true about drones. For some strange reason he insists that hundreds of innocent civilians have died as a result of drone use in the Middle East. President Obama has no such evidence. Oh, here and there, by accident, an innocent person has died, but consider the alternative-American soldiers die. Which is more important?

Mr.Emerson believes that use of drones in war just might violate international law. After all, God Almighty has appointed we Americans to supervise the world. We sent over 330 drones into Pakistan which killed 2,200 people. Yeah, maybe, just maybe one of them was a civilian. But, when you must supervise the world, a few eggs will be broken. Never forget that we Americans are agents of God and do HIS work.