Drones Make Mistake!

President Obama and the US military insist that drones never make a mistake. When a drone spots a house in which there is a man who the drone knows is a militant, then the missile kills the right person. Turkish planes were alerted by a drone that Kurdish rebels were moving toward their border, so planes blasted away at the enemy. It turns out the “militants” were simply a group of smugglers who had loaded up goods on their donkeys and horses in order to do some honest smuggling. At least 35 are now dead and others are wounded.

The tragedy if that American officials and military “experts” insist that planes thousands of feet in the air are always right when blasting “militants” on the ground. America played this game during the Vietnam war when thousands of innocent Vietnamese were killed by plane attacks as part of the “body count” game that enabled the US military to proclaim it was winning the body war against the Viet Cong. The game goes on only today the body count is a Taliban or a member of al-Qaeda. Don’t you believe a drone knows what goes on in the mind of someone it is killing?