Drones May Zoom Into Our Lives

Drones carry out numerous military missions each day in Afghanistan where they frequently target cars or houses of insurgents and blast them to hell. A growing interest has developed among law enforcement agencies in the United States to use drones as part of their activities. They already are discussing having drones monitor fleeing prisoners or check license plates or blow up a house in which there are criminals or whatever. Heck, drones have killed dozens of innocent civilians in Afghanistan so why not have equal opportunities for American citizens to be inadvertently killed by their own forces? A pilotless plane flying above might create a few minor problems. A malfunction in communication, a mistake about the target and other inadvertent errors just possible might emerge from use of drones. But, what the heck, families of innocent people can always sue to get paid for death of their loved ones.

We have sufficient mistakes in use of drones in Afghanistan. We really don’t need a drone in our lives.