Drones Of Death

Amnesty International charged that the American Drone program was in violation of international law and thus US officials could be charged with war crimes. It cites the case of a grandmother who was murdered while picking fruit for the supper table. There are reports that Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharis will demand an end to drone strikes. The issue of what is happening in Pakistan due to Drone strikes is clouded. People fear discussing the topic, they are under pressure from militants to exaggerate what is happening and also fearfult that militants will not be defeated. They are the ones trapped in terror, not American forces.

Amnesty International has been investigating Drone attacks for years. It claims to have documented stories such as the murder of 19 civilians in North Wazirstand who died while eating dinner. The US insists only a few die and the greater good is served by allowing a few eggs to get broken. The problem of life is that your eggs never get broken, it is always eggs of another which get cracked. Americans will sleep peacefully tonight, the only fear they have of death is a member of the NRA bent on getting rid of his anger.