Drones Of War Drone On And On

Men and women at locations in Virginia play with computers and direct drone planes to bomb targets in Afghanistan that have been identified due to Intelligence sources. Of course, the vehicle or building that will be bombed by a drone may or may not be an accurate target. Given the brilliance of all Intelligence agencies we can predict in at least fifty percent of the time targets are not the right ones. A US drone attack on Sunday led to the deaths of six people in a town known as Azam Warsak. A spokesperson said: “US drones first fired two missiles targeting a militant vehicle, but they failed to hit, allowing rebels, who were said to be over four in number to run away.” Two more missiles hit the car but failed to blow it up. In a separate attack, “US drones fired six missiles targeting a militant vehicle and nearby rebel compound.” Some men were killed but it is not clear who they were. After the attack, there were still six drones flying overhead.

The drones of war may, or may not, be accurate. I doubt if this is any consolation to innocent victims of the drones of war.