Drones Or Jail?

Among the many mistakes made by the administration of Barack Obama none may compare to his failure of creating a commission to investigate the entire Iraq war. The government of England has the Chilcot investigation which seeks to get at the truth in order to provide the nation, and those who lost family in this debacle some form of closure. Obama insisted there was no reason to return to past mistakes and, in so doing, never allowed the American people to get at the truth. John Bellinger, who was responsible for drafting the legal framework for targeted drone killings while working for former President Bush now claims the Obama administration has endeavored to avoid more inmates in Guantanamo prison and has thus moved to killing militants.

“This government has decided that instead of detaining members of al-Qaeda(at Guantanamo prison) they are going to kill them.”At least 4,700 people  have been killed in 300 drone attacks. First, Obama failed to take a strong stand against this symbol of world wide hatred by not closing the  prison. Second, he embarked on a killing spree in which both innocent and guilty equally die.

It is time to return to the origin of this war, let the American people know the truth, and develop-along with Congress– guidelines on use of drones in killing people.