Droning Along In Afghanistan

Osama bin Laden is dead, but the war against militants continues in Afghanistan. Or, should we say, the war continues on against militants in Pakistan. US Drone missiles killed five more “militants” in a tribal region along the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan. As the missiles struck targets, back in the city of Abbottabad where the al-Qaeda leader was killed, members of the Muslim League-N party, gathered to denounce the Americans and shout: “Go America Go” while its members held aloft banners proclaiming, “American terrorism is not acceptable.” Confusing complaints came from the crowd. Some wanted to know why Pakistan’s military did not know the world’s most notorious villain was in their midst, and they wanted to know how the government would respond to a violation of national sovereignty by US SEALs. Some shouted: “Why aren’t they able to protect our sovereignty? The Army chief should reply to this and those who are responsible should be hung.”

In the jumble jamble confusion arising from the murder of Osama bin Laden there are more unanswered questions than answers.

Will the US continue to fire missiles into Pakistan on their own direction?

Does the US reserve the right to send attack teams into Pakistan without permission?

Will the Pakistan army finally focus on destroying terrorists or will it continue funding terrorists?