Drug Law Stupidity

Every so often one encounters an example of the stupidity of drug laws all over the world. Professor Paul Frampton is an elderly and famous British scientist who divorced his wife of fifteen years and decided to get involved with beautiful women. The 69 year old renowned particle phenomenologist met a gorgeous model named Denise Milani and, at this point the story gets somewhat confusing.  He agreed to begin a new life with this attractive woman in the country of Argentine. So, he hopped on a plane and flew there only to be halted at customs which found cocaine in the suitcase he was carrying that allegedly was her suit case.

Frampton argues he was duped. The Argentine court decided he knew there was cocaine and sentenced him to four and a  half years in the brutal Villa Devoto Prison. Frankly, who cares if he knew or did not knew. How does society benefit from sending to prison an old fart who became infatuated with a gorgeous woman? Society loses the services of a prominent scientist and society pays the financial cost.

End these ridiculous drug laws. Wow, Argentine is now free from the drug activities of a 69 year old jerk who fell for a beautiful woman!!