Drug Testing Of Students

Future generations may well look back on the past hundred years in which drugs were a major center of conflict on planet Earth. Humans see no harm in using drugs sold in pharmacies which make them feel better, but if a human uses a drug not sold in a pharmacy that makes them feel better, it becomes a crime. The Philippine government is conducting random drug tests of children in school. The most interesting aspect of this drug program is asking teachers and administrators to select which students are to be tested. Imagine a teacher pointing out student “X” as the one to be tested and discovering that individual tested for drugs? Imagine if other students discovered their teacher was pointing out potential criminals to the police?

One is also left wondering what would happen if several thousand students tested positive for drugs. Would schools then organize programs dealing with drug abuse? Would the students be placed in the criminal court system and subject to drug rehabilitation programs? It is all well and good to test people, but does anyone have a program in mind to assist the students who test positive?