Drug The Kids! To Save Them!

The American school system is committed to the proposition that boys and girls must sit quietly in class while boredom reigns. Physical education has virtually ceased to be provided in most schools because children need more time to study for tests that enable them to regurgitate what was learned. Of course, what was learned will be forgotten about one hour  after completion of the test. So, what does one do with boys who need physical activity–LOCK THEM UP!

Mrs. Leslie Noyes went to pick up her 7 year old son in school only to learn he had been placed in a tiny “cool down” rooms for hours! The room was five by six with padded walls and no windows. Her son had been placed in such an environment several times because he acted fidgety.

He is a normal little boy who needs physical activity, classrooms in which students work in groups and interact. That is what NORMAL children do.