Drug Wars In Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is a city divided into those who enjoy the beauty of life in wonderful environment and those who live in poverty and fear of violence. Brazil hopes to be a major player in world meetings and World Cup and Olympic occasions, but the presence of armed drug gangs makes unlikely that any international group would seek to spend a few hours dodging bullets in the city. Brazilian police now use tanks and armored cars in order to venture into slums which are guarded by heavily armed thugs possessing the latest weapons. This is simply another example of how drugs take over the lives of people and transform peaceful people into criminals. It is time for this world to end making use of drugs a crime and thus end power of those who use drug money to become petty dictators in the slums of major cities.

Let us legalize drug use, let us tax drugs, and let us empty our jails of those in them because they took a drag.

  • Gerard

    The Brazilian police are doing a great job. I support the police 100% . One more drug addicted person is not what the world needs.