Drug Wars Kill, But So Does Jail Time

The nights all too often are silent as people cluster in their homes fearing to venture into the dark since who knows today’s enemy of the drug cartel. A church is torched, a mayor disappears, a doctor and his family mysteriously disappear, heads are found on a street corner and nothing is said or done by the government. Ostensibly, the police and military are conducting a vigorous war against drug lords, but as deaths mount, it is sometimes confusing as to who exactly government forces were fighting. The city of Juarez has grown to 1.3 million and along with this upsurge in population has simultaneously a rise in murders. Since 2008 over six thousand people have died while in New York City during the same time period there were less than two thousand murders. People attempt to avoid discussing what is the number one topic in their minds–the conflict between armed forces and drug forces. Over 26,000 people have died over the past few years in this ongoing dilemma of how to end America’s dependence on drugs in a non-violent manner.

A few voices raise the spectre of reason as a solution. What if the United States legalized the use of some drugs? It is difficult to imagine the situation being any worse than what currently stands for justice. Over 700,000 people are in jail due to some drug bust. Unfortunately, as prison population soars, there is no concerted effort to get the American people to recognize drugs must be legalized along with rehabilitation programs.