Drugs And Baseball

Alex Rodriguez is a very upset  baseball player. He admits to use of drugs while playing, he has spent the better part of two years on and off injured lists while in the process of earning about $25 million per year. The problem with drugs in baseball is there has always been drugs in baseball and there always will be drugs in baseball. The entire American society uses drugs. It is OK to pop a Prozac, but not OK to pop a  bit of marijuana. Have a headache, then  get an aspirin. A visitor from Mars would not fathom how we can use some drugs, but not other drugs. If it is alright to take a pill for my cold, then taking pills is OK.

Unless we wish to end use of caffeine, then why not admit that drugs ARE part of the American culture and get on with it. Every aspect of our culture includes the use of this or that drug. Alex is a spoiled, arrogant man, he abused his body, and now confronts his won mistakes.

It might help to avoid awarding these pampered brats such huge contracts.