Drugs And Oil Don’t Mix

Ostensibly the war on drugs and the war to deal with oil spills have no relationship with one another. Oil continues gushing from the Gulf of Mexico with latest counts indicating only 24,000 of the 60,000 gallons being captured. A robotic controlled submarine banged into the containment cover adding still another problem to the ongoing disaster of a disaster. Meanwhile, the noted drug lord, Christopher “Dudus” Coke was captured in Jamaica at a checkpoint which checked the woman and discovered it was none only by the man they sought. Two isolated incidents. But,in both, government refuses to take action against crime because it will upset those in power. Instead of demanding effective controls over oil drilling, the US government actually believed one could trust business to supervise itself. Instead of allowing drugs to be legal, the American government enforced laws that led to creation of huge drug cartels. The issue is: how can governments be effective in dealing with crime?

We need a government that is intelligent enough to sanction drugs, legalize them and collect needed revenue in the form of taxes. We need a government that will not allow business to operate under its own rules.