Drugs And Troops In Afghanistan

One of the recurring nightmares of the Vietnam War was entrapping thousands of American soldiers in the clutches of drugs. A new report from Canada raises issues concerning how being in Afghanistan will impact its nation’s soldiers in regard to the use or sale of drugs. “Access to illicit drugs in Afghanistan is routine,” reads the report. “Easy access to heroin, hashish, cannabis presents a temptation for (Canadian) troops in the form of personal use and in the form of importation for the purpose of trafficking.” The war in Afghanistan is one in which brutality becomes the norm, in which planes drop bombs on “terrorists” and in the process kill innocent civilians which requires finding explanations for killing the innocent as well as the guilty.

We inhabit a world in which both selling and using drugs have become normal activities in even the most middle class neighborhoods as well as among those in poverty. The report indicates as of this point there is no widespread Canadian use of drugs, but the future is less clear. Why assume that soldiers are not subject to temptation of money?