Drugs And War Don’t Mix Well

Reports from Afghanistan make clear the Taliban rely on money obtained from the drug trade to fuel their war against the West and the Karzai government. A new UN report indicates not only is the drug trade a key issue in Afghanistan, but all along the route from Asia to Europe and America millions of people are caught up in drugs and it has led to a rise in HIV/Aids as well as corrupting local officials. The UN Office on Drugs and Crime estimates: “the Afghan opiate trade fuels consumption and addiction in countries along drug trafficking routes before reaching main consumer markets in Europe.” In other words, Afghanistan drugs generate funds to pay for arms and pay as well as creating havoc along the way.

How about a simple solution– legalize drugs and place the entire drug enterprise under government control. Western nations could purchase the entire Afghan opium production to ensure the Taliban does not make money and it could establish education and curing addiction programs. But, then again, that is the simple solution.