Drugs,Drugs, Drugs

Future historians will shake their heads in wonder at drug policies that arose in the United States during early years of the twentieth century because what was made law  made absolutely no sense. Throughout the history of the United States  there were no laws against use of drugs until the opening decade of the twentieth century. Initially, these new laws were aimed at Chinese opium dens since it was assumed Chinese immigrants were attempting to damage the  lives of decent white people of European descent. Thus was initiated drug policies which have wrecked havoc  on the lives of people in Latin America. During the past several years over 70,000 have died in Mexico due to drug lords and their murderous gangs.

The Organization of American States(OAS) just issued a new report which blasts laws that make drugs illegal because the end result has been the emergence of drug lords, corruption and death. Americans want drugs and the cost of their desire is corruption, drug gangs and death for thousands throughout Latin America. Jose Miguel Insula, secretary general of the OAS, is calling for review of current laws and changes that would result in destroying drug  lords. Step one is to legalize  drugs, provide inexpensive drugs to those seeking them, and to enable Latin Americans to end their fear of drug wars.