DSK, TSK, For French Man

Dominique Strauss Kahn is no longer in the USA facing possible charges about attacking a maid in his hotel room, but he is now confronting anger among members of his own Socialist party. Martine Aubry, a leading candidate of his party who is seeking to run in the next presidential election, made clear that although, “I was the first to say he is innocent until proven guilty,” but, “I think the same as most women about his attitude toward women.” And, she does not mean that as a compliment!

A recent poll revealed that 53% of French people do not want him seeking the office of president and hope he will leave the field of politics for another venue in life. Heck, former prime minister Michel Rocard claims DSK is “mentally ill.” If DSK was as intelligent as he claims to be, find a good company to join that will not be pestered by his attitude toward women. Allow the people of France a rest from dealing with sexual abuse charges.