DSK Victim, Not Attacker!

The sad tale of Dominique Strauss-Kahn continues and it was simply a matter of time before a conspiracy was uncovered that proves poor DSK was set up by French intelligence in order to head him off from defeating Nicolas Sarkozy int he run for president of France. Edward Jay Epstein in a new book, “Three Days In May” seeks to prove that French intelligence was behind the “so called rape” of hotel maid Nafissatou Diallo in New York City. French intelligence was simply waiting for the moment to swing into action and catch DSK with his penis in his hand.

Let me get this straight. Epstein admits DSK had just flown into New York City from a sex party in Washington D.C. and checked into a hotel. For some strange reason French intelligence knew if they sent an ordinary looking woman into his room, sex would ensue. I forgot a key point. An executive at the hotel knew someone in French intelligence.

To foil this plot all DSK had to do was keep his penis in hand and go to lunch with his daughter. How could French intelligence get him to hump a maid in a hotel? The bottom line is that DSK keeps his penis ready at hand and ready to swing into action. The best laid conspiracy plan would have gone nowhere if DSK had simply  not taken out his penis.