Dubai Good Bye!

There is an epidemic of violence against women in the Middle East. Since those who rule these nations are male chauvinistic individuals there is no surprise that women are the guilty ones if they are attacked by males. Who else but the woman dressed the wrong way, gazing at undefended males the wrong way, and displaying their body the wrong way which results in men seeking sex. Marte Deborah Daley was in the nation of Dubai and one day she was assaulted by a male from that lovely nation. Marte did the normal thing of reporting the assault to police. Naturally, if she had sex with a male, although married, it was a crime. So, the court sentenced her to 16 months in jail for having sex outside her marriage.

Finally, after protests from around the world, Deborah received a suspended sentence. Moral of this tale–DO NOT GO TO DUBAI! Boycott the sexual assault   world of this little place.