Dueling Election Numbers in Kenya Cause Chaos

Kenya conducted a democratic election which was supposed to produce a president who had clearly gained a majority of the vote. Unfortunately, there are widely different vote results at this point in time. The opposition party, the Orange Democratic Movement, claims the vote results are 4,215,000 for its candidate Raila Odinga and 3,715,000 for the incumbent President KIbaki. However, the Election Commission is offering a different set of numbers claiming the vote is 3,880,000 for Odinga and 3,842,000 for President Kibaki. There are some reports of violence in Nairobi although, overall, the election was conducted in a fair manner.

One problem about the Election Commission results is that at least 20 top level ministers in the current government were defeated for seats in parliament. Ordinarily, when a government suffers such dramatic loss among its top leadership it is indicative that the electorate is voting for the opposition. The nation of Kenya waits anxiously for final figures and if they reveal a victory for President Kibaki, one can expect justifiable complaints from the opposition.

  • marilyn

    Does Kibaki know the meaning of the word integrity? Shame on him and the electral commision. 115% voters turn out in some areas? lights going out, some observers sent away? ECK unable to reach some ballot boxes, balatant doctoring of results?How can we call this a free and fair election..the elite in Kenya are in the current regime, that is why their children write such positive commentaries, from Abroad (They can afford it, they get the visas to travel and have ther bank accounts to get visas)..this is really sad for the voters who turned out in large numbers….faul, faul faul….

  • marilyn

    apparently these elite children, from their rich fathers in power, have received voter registration cards, even as they are in Thu US, UK ETC.and are unable to vote…is this where the 115^ voter registration came from?..they care least about their poorer Kibera coutrymen, who have no idea where the visa offices are…or cannot dare dream..they have no jobs no opportunities….Kibaki does not care about them

  • Yvonne

    Raila Odinga has been arrested, following Kibaki’s decision to cut off all live TV and radio broadcasts. Kenya is being thrown on the brink of war – it could be the next Congo or Rwanda. Tyranny is setting in, democracy and civility are eluding the country as Kibaki takes leadership at whatever cost. Developing……

  • Bether

    Its indeed a sad day for Kenyans.Kibaki is determined to get to power regardless of the means ,even if it means bloodshed.Kenya is in mourning.Both Raila and Ruto have been arrested.How can the international community and other independent observers help the common mwananchi get their rights by having justice served.Clearly election results were doctored.Is this what Kibaki Emilio Mwai calls peace,tolerance and unity?Im urging all christians around the world to pray for Kenya and the EU and other international observers to come in….blood is being shed as Kibaki is determined to serve Kenyans by force!!!!

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    you are right. It is sad day for democracy in Africa.

  • Bob fighting a good fight

    I have been following Mr Raila’s political career and it seems that he has always claimed rigging every time he lost an election. Is this like the 5th time he has run for presidency? The only time he did not complain was the last time President Kibaki won – and that’s because they were on same team. Come on people….I think the people have spoken. What a soar looser!

  • Mike Kiptanui…..OVERREACTION????

    If you think these Luos are upset about loosing an election, then you need to see them right after they loose a soccer match. This is nothing. They just don’t take defeat very well.

  • Anonymous

    you are so damn your country is in chaos and you speaks like losers
    corrupt kenya that is all you are thieves from kenya highlands what a sad tale for africa put ur country interest at heart kibaki loss and the whole world knows that ….be truthful otherwise believe in aliens existence and sciencetology

  • Anonymus

    Power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely.The election results in Kenya shows tha the common man is disgusted with Kibaki and his corrupt Mt. Kenya mafia.Now Kibaki is suspending common decency as he marches towards absolute power and absolute corruption.It’s no brainer that the votes were grilled to favour the incubent.Yes, it’s a sad day for democracy in Kenya.

  • Tony

    Bush congratulating Kibaki For “winning” is on the same lines as to what was done to Gore. Birds of the same feathers!!

  • http://jacofoods.blogspot.com Richard Mufumbya

    Its grossly unfortunate that kenya which we considered cradle of east african democracy has followed in the same foot steps ofthe rest ofeast african regimes


  • http://jacofoods.blogspot.com Richard Mufumbya

    Its grossly unfortunate that kenya which we considered a cradle of east african democracy has followed in the same foot steps ofthe rest of the east african regimes


  • TURNCOAT (kenyaturncoat@gmail.com)

    I am suprised that this has been likenend to a soccer match. Well if so can three players win a match against ten. ODM won 100 seats. PNU won 35. Are you mathmatically challenged ?

  • Roocy

    Raila knows how to manipulate his admirers and he’s using that to lead kenya into civil war.

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    I expressed my surprise that Kibaki won, given that 20 of his ministers lost their seats. I believe the ODM was cheated out of an election. My point was that Kibaki was manipulating votes. Can’t you read?