Dueling Numbers In Egypt

A new battle has emerged in Egypt between Ahmed Shafiq who represents the old Mubarak group or  those worried about an Islamic Egypt, and Mohamed Morsi, former college professor and devout Muslim. The Muslim Brotherhood claimed 25 million people voted and 13.2 million were for Morsi and 12.2 million were for the other guy. The other guy’s friends claim only 23 million voted and their guy received 10.85 million to the other guy’s 10.5 million. Now, they want a recount and they want their guy to become the president.

Actually, the real story is that only 25 or 23 million Egyptians bothered to vote in this farce which did not offer an intelligent honest non-Muslim candidate. How about throwing all names into the pool and allowing people to vote for whomever they want as president. Or, we could be honest and simply allow the generals to select the guy they want as president. It would save a lot of time.