Dueling Words, Not Swords Between Russia And EU

President Dimitry Medvedev praised the European Union for abandoning talk about instituting sanctions against his nation. He blamed failure on the part of European nations and the United States to understand Russian motivation and actions for the current crisis. The heads of the 27 EU nations failed to agree on a common course of action that would institute economic sanctions which led Medvedev to conclude “a reasonable realistic point of view prevailed.” Russian officials pointed the finger of creating discord at Poland, and the Baltic states of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia which formerly belonged to the Soviet Union.

President Sarkozy who currently heads the EU will be in Moscow this coming week and hopes to resolve issues with the Russian government but if that fails, he believes there will be necessity to “re-examine our partnership with Russia.” Sarkozy is very careful to avoid policies which will result in isolating Russia.

US and NATO ships are now in the Black Sea bringing supplies to Georgia. Prime Minister Putin claims the US is bringing in weapons for the Georgia army and expressed concern about the presence of so many ships in the Black Sea.

At present, there are exchanges of angry words, but no military action is expected in the future.