Duke Frat Creates Flap

As one who attended seven universities I never got around to  joining anything, especially a fraternity. The  mere sight of a Fraternity House was sufficient to make my stomach rumble with disgust. Guys sitting around guzzling beer was  not my ideal of  attending a college. I come from poor folk and to us going to college was an incredible opportunity to gain knowledge. Kappa Sigma Fi at Duke Univeristy is composed of some young men, who do posses rather interesting perspectives on life. Their charter had been revoked ten years ago, but the boys of January decided it was time once again to display their intellectual prowess.

They decided to throw a party. The theme of this party was to celebrate something about Asia. “We look forward to having Mi, Yu, You and Yo over for some sake.” Participants were encouraged to dress “Asian style” and mimick speaking like some Asian folk. Ha, Ha.

Oh, the campus  witnessed protests and their charter was once again revoked. Oh wll, there is always 2020 beckoning and another shot at displaying their point of view