In 1968, President Lyndon Johnson was set to run for re-election but Senator Eugene McCarthy launched a challenge in the primaries and forced Johnson to end his hope for re-election. We need someone to enter Democratic primaries this coming spring and send Barack Obama back to Harvard where he can teach students about the constitutional law he long since abandoned. We need a candidate who:

1.   Will demand higher income taxes on those earning above $750,000.

2.  We need a candidate who will create a new Business Entrepreneur Center to grant loans to those with ideas for new jobs.

3.  We need a candidate who will fight to place ALL AMERICANS under Medicare.

4. We need a candidate who will lower taxes on businesses which generate jobs in America. We need a candidate who will increase taxes on businesses which fail to generate jobs in America.

5. We need a candidate who is willing to spend $3 Trillion in rebuilding our infrastructure as well as lowering educational costs.

6. Our Defense Budget is about $700 Billion which equals the sum total of all military budgets in the world. We must completely reorganize our military and do it with a budget of $450 Billion.

7. We need a candidate whose main goal is JOBS, JOBS, JOBS, JOBS.

8.  We need a candidate whose main goal is: REDUCE COLLEGE COSTS IN EXCHANGE FOR NATIONAL SERVICE.


I cried when Barack Obama was elected because I thought it was birth of a new era in our history. Little did I realize this man is George Bush light–and I am not referring to skin color. Obama can not communicate, he can not excite people, he surrounds himself with Wall Street types and has lost the American people.