Donald Trump is to modesty as Chris Christie is to beng slim. Mr. Trump just constructed a 96 tower building in the city of Chicago. Naturally, he wants one and all to be aware every time they walk past the building that this entity was constructed by the man whose ego easily surpasses 96 stores of any building. On the side of the building in huge letters are: TRUMP. Adrian Smith, one of the architects who design the building noted, “anything that would either reduce the size significantly or take it off would be good.” I wonder how he would react if the sign said: SMITH! Anyway, Mayor Rahm Emanual wants the sign to be reduced in size or sent back to New York. His words were, “awful,” and “an atrocity.”

However, Donald Trump regards the sign as something that in future years will become the symbol of Chicago. “I have the hottest brand in Chicago. It happens to be great for Chicago.” I do not grasp what the issue is. Donald Trump, undoubtedly, has the largest ego in the United States of America so why not have the largest sign in America? I suspect the only thing that would change this sign would be adding to it: PRESIDENT.