Dutch Law Not Kosher

The far right wing in the Netherlands hates Muslims and is determined to do anything within their power to make that clear in order to encourage these non-Christians to get the hell out of THEIR country. At a time of economic crisis, high unemployment, they pushed through a new law which makes illegal the ritual sacrificing of animals. Of course, both Jews and Muslims require an animal to go through a sacrificial ceremony prior to their death. The law was originally aimed at the 1.2 million Muslims in the Netherlands, but it also applies to the 50,000 Jews in the country. Jews and Muslims have dietary religious practices requiring such procedures in preparation of meat. An Orthodox Jew or Muslim will not be prevented from eating meat that comes from Holland and will have to import their meat.

I am glad there are people who want to protect the death procedures of animals. I wish they devoted as much time to protect the right to food, shelter and medical care for poor people. Sorry, little animals, this is not the highest priority in our lives.