Dutch Parliament Furious At UK Ban On Wilders

The vast majority of members of parliament in the Netherlands completely disagree with the anti-Muslim views of one of its members, Geert Wilders, but believe since he is a member of the legislature it was wrong for the United Kingdom to refuse him entry to their country. Wilders deliberately attempts to provoke conflict and hatred toward those of the Muslim faith, but he was invited to speak in Great Britain and is a duly elected government official. Gerdi Veebeet, chair of parliament expressed her dismay that Wilders was denied entry and the Dutch foreign ministry, told the British, “The Netherlands deeply regrets the fact that the United Kingdom did not revoke its decision to refuse Mr. Wilders entry into the country.

Wilders seeks to deny rights to people of the Muslim faith in the Netherlands so it is rather ironic that the United Kingdom is denying him the right to speak. If some people get upset at his words they can ignore him or they can publicly refute his nonsense, but to deny his right to speak plays into his crazy ideas that Muslims are being pampered.