Dutch Troops First To Depart Afghanistan

Four years ago, Dutch troops arrived in Afghanistan hoping their presence could play a role in helping establish the basis for peace and democracy in the country. They conducted military operations, they worked on civilian projects and in the process 24 of the 1,400 troops were killed while about 140 were wounded. Their death total is not like that of the United States which has lost over a thousand dead, but the impact on people in the Netherlands was powerful, and similar complaints arose against fighting in a nation which lacks an honest government. The government of the Netherlands was requested by NATO to re-up for another few years in Afghanistan, but they politely refused the invitation for death. They packed up yesterday and bid a fond bye bye to the madness of Afghanistan.

Yesterday, Dutch troops left, tomorrow it will probably be German or French or eventually, the British. Perhaps, Michael Steele was correct in terming the conflict, “Obama’s War.”