Dying At Christmas-9/11 Responders

Anyone reading these words who voted for the Republican Party in November, 2010 should look ask themselves a simple question: am I really someone who loves the United States of America? I am furious. Only ONE REPUBLICAN senator has agreed to support a vote on the James Zadroga 9/11 Responder Bill. Republicans complain they have to go home for Christmas even while hundreds of 9/11 Responders are dying from disease they got while fighting for their country. How does one look in the mirror of life and claim to be a loyal American and yet for these pack of dishonorable Republican men and women who dishonor our nation by placing tax cuts for the wealthy before voting for medical care for those who risked their lives in order to help on 9/11. The Republican Party has simply become cheerleaders for wealthy people and the schmucks in the Tea Party who claim to be in accordance with our Founding Fathers would have a hard time finding a single man among those who founded this nation who would place tax cuts for millionaires before the welfare of those who served and– died.

I have nothing but contempt for the Republican Party. They are the most un-American group of people who ever lived in this nation. I was in New York City two days after 9/11. As one walked the streets of a quiet city you passed fire houses at which hundreds of people have gone to thank firemen for their heroism and they placed dozens of flowers in remembrance for those brave men who died. And, today, the f—king Republican Senators dishonor those who served and–DIED!