E—t Fines Editors

A country that, at present, is led by a leader whose name is M—-k does not like those who write to write nasty things about the leader whose name is not allowed to be printed if there is anything negative in the sentence. Far be it from us to note that four editors in this unnamed nation were fined for making insulting remarks about the Great Leader named M. In fairness, we should note the court orverturned a previous decision which would have sent one of the editors to jail for one year. One must admit that in the nation of E—t there is great compassion for those who are too ignorant to understand how the Great Leader is perfect in all aspects of life. The Arab Network for Human Rights(ANHRI) says the country of E—t “is notorious for its human rights record and for its hostility to press freedom in particular.”

I could understand why the Great Leader does not like press freedom. If you allow a free press they can write negative articles about your rule, and since the Great Leader is a great leader how could one write negative things about him?

In fairness, we should note the case was brought by lawyers of the political party that adores the Great Leader. He is too busy at the moment getting his son ready to take over to worry about newspaper editors.