Earth Day Not A Day Today

Eath day began in the early  1970s, a time before Facebook and the soical media. Gee, it was nearly half a century ago when people actually began to think about the earth and its environment. Original surveys discovered that 63% of Americans regarded the environment as an important issue and another 25 % were also concerned. Fast forward to 2013 and only 41% think it is important while 16% don’t lose any sleep over what happens to the planet. After all, on Facebook, there are more important issues of the day-what did you have for breakfast? Or, what are you wearing to work today? And, of great importance, please, please send me pictures of your children!!

Social media has shifted concern for our planet’s survival to concern for the petty issues of every day life. Imagine going through an entire day without sharing the fact you hurt your toe! Wow! The Earth will conclude, not with a bang, but with a whimper from someone whose feelings were hurt because you did not share your dinner menu with them!