East Or West Which Direction Wind?

It is Wednesday and another riot in the Ukraine. A majority of people in the Ukraine seek to live in Europe -not outside in the realm of Putin and his thugs who have highjacked the process of democracy. The decision of President Viktor Yanukovych to reject an opportunity to have his nation become part of the European Union and turn eastward to Putinland has infuriated hundreds of thousands who now roam the streets of Kiev demanding resignation of the government and a shift from east to west for their future lives. About 186 of the 226 votes required to topple the government of President Yanukovych and his buddies has now been attained. Prime Minister Azarov is apologizing for police behavior and promising “I would like to apologize on behalf of our government.

Unfortunately, Yanukovych is simply Putin turned inside out, a petty thug who has imprisoned his political opponent on ridiculous charges that she voted for the wrong law. After the debacle of rioting in the streets, are we to assume that Viktor will spend a few years in jail for supporting the wrong decision?