Eat Or Drive Car?

The United States of America now confronts an economic and moral dilemma in its pursuit of oil and gas sources. During the past three years nearly 40,000 gas and oil wells have been opened due to the fracking process. The essential component of tracking is the use of thousands of gallons of water in order to extract oil and gas. It is estimated that three fourths of these tracking sites are found in areas of America that are experiencing drought. For example, half of tracking sites are in Texas which is a central player in fracking and which is experiencing drought conditions. The latest estimate is that in pursuit of fracking about 97 billion gallons of water have been used and over half the areas engaged in the process confront drought conditions.

Mindy Lubber of Ceres investor group points out: “hydraulic fracturing is increasing competitive pressures for water in some of the country’s most water stressed and drought ridden areas.” The time has come to choose–water for people and farming or water to drive our cars?