Eat Or Drive Is Question?

The worst drought in over half a century is devastating the Midwest region of the United States. It is already estimated that 48% of the corn crop is rated as “poor”and 37%  of the soybean crop falls in that category. Over the past twenty years the American farmer has become a world farmer feeding millions of people throughout the world. American crops have been so plentiful that a proportion has been directed to ethanol production.

America confronts a choice– use corn to make gas or use corn to feed people! The price of ethanol gas is already rising due to higher prices for corn. The world might have to dramatically reduce use of ethanol gas in order to feed people. This dilemma only makes more certain necessity for a multi-prong search for energy sources. Sorry Republicans, we can not “drill, drill, drill.”

America is engaged in a new form of war. It is a war to create a just society in which opportunities are open to those from all backgrounds to succeed. Ironically, the battle is beginning in how we, as a society, decide if it is drive or eat.