Eat Right, But Not Here

The McDonald’s corporation exists to make money, make money for its stockholders, make money for its executives, and make much less money for those who actually do the work of preparing and selling food to customers. The McDonald’s corporation has created a website to assist its employees. After all, they make $7.45 an hour which translates into about $300 a week which translates into about $1200 a month which translates into about $14,500 a year. Certainly, for someone who watches their pennies and eats gobs of pasta that should be sufficient to enjoy the good life. However, this is McDonald’s corporation which is concerned with the health of those who work behind the counter and thus a special website has been created to assist its workers in eating healthy in order to become wealthy and wise.

The McResource program urges McDonald’s workers to continue working at this establishment,but to avoid eating the food sold in it. In particular, workers are urged to avoid eating their famous cheeseburger and go to stores which sell health foods. Oh well, someone at headquarters finally realized such advice from a McDonald’s website is not the best advertisement to the public and it has now been shut down.

So,Big Mac employees, make them, but never eat them. I suspect the garbage dump offers healthier foods for those who sell unhealthy foods.