Ecological Disaster Threatens Indonesia

The continued loss of protected forests on Java could lead to serious ecological disasters on the densely populated island coast eventually costing billions of dollars. A recent study of Java’s forests discovered serious deterioration of 160,00-0 hectares of protected forests. There are large numbers of squatters in forests and illegal logging goes on nonstop. The loss of forests causes floods, landslides and drought due to climate changes and damage to the local environment. According to Greenomics executive director Elfian Effendi: “Damage to conservation and protected forests has affected at least 123 rivers and is threatening more than 10 million hectares of farmland and thousands of villages located along the rivers.” During the rainy season floods submerge many villages and farmland areas. There is need for balanced logging, but government efforts have not been successful in dealing with illegal efforts and the thousands of squatters who pry the area in search of wood.

Damage to forest areas invariably effects climate which leads eventually to ecological changes.

  • Joel V. Johnson

    We really don’t know what the effects of changes in the ecology of the islands of Indonesia will have on the rest of the ecosystems of the Pacific, and for the rest of the Earth. We do know that we are all interconnected at some level. If we ignore this ecological disaster in the making maybe the day after tomorrow will visit planet Earth, sooner than we think. God bless now, it’s time to wake up.