Editorial: John McCain And Politics Of Hate And Fear

Those of us who lived through the 1950s era of anti-Communism which witnessed hate and fear used by Republicans as their vehicle of victory. In 1954, Senator Joseph McCarthy, termed the great General George Marshall, who headed American forces in World War II, to be a traitor and supporter of communism. Today, Senator John McCain can not shake loose from employing the politics of hate for the simple reason he is a member of the political party which has been in charge of the government over the past eight years. He has nothing to offer America which compels him to engage in a strategy of accusing Obama of “associating with terrorists” or blaming the Democratic Party for the financial debacle.

Ironically, focusing on Bill Ayers is a no winner. Most people under 40 think the “weathermen” refers to men on TV who give the weather report. The bottom line is simple, George Bush inherited a budget which ran a surplus and the national debt was about $5 trillion. Today, the budget has been in deficits for six years and the national debt is $10 trillion. How can McCain blame those figures on Democrats when Republicans controlled the presidency all those years and Congress most of the time? Since McCain is unable to deal with reality he is slipping into wild rhetoric and, instead of historic Republican anti-communism, into a 2008 anti-Muslim feeling which is disguised as anti-terrorism.

John McCain is the son of an admiral and the grandson of an admiral. One can only wonder what these men, who only desired high quality people on their staff, think about the inept, ignorant Sarah Palin as second in command. John McCain once represented an individual who did take on right wing religious bigots, now he places them into the vice presidency position. John McCain once argued for decency in politics. Today, his disdain for Obama is blatant and his personal attacks cover an inability to deal with issues.

John McCain, you must be pitied rather than despised.