Editorial: McCain, The Republican Who Became A Liberal

Senator John McCain will go down in history as among the most remarkable men ever to run for the presidency. He is the first candidate who is running against his own record. McCain supported the Bush invasion of Iraq and never said a word when in 2003, the Joint Chiefs of Staff urged the need for 400,000 soldiers to do the job. McCain never said a word about more troops in 2004, 2005, 20006 until he finally realized his ideas were not working. John McCain spent over 20 years in Congress arguing against government regulation of business as one of those “liberal ideas” that would destroy the economy and the American way of life. Suddenly, he is championing government intervention into the market and blasting himself for being blind to the need for overseeing the business community.

Oh well, there are those who will criticize a man who has swung over to the ideas of Barack Obama as a turncoat. Nothing could be further from the truth. John McCain is convinced that Barack Obama upholds the ideas of John McCain so by championing the ideas of Barack Obama the senator from Arizona hopes those who support liberal ideas will vote for him and his sidekick, the eminent foreign policy expert from Alaska. Is it any wonder McCain selected as his running mate Sarah Palin who supported the “bride to nowhere” before she realized she opposed what she supported?

John McCain is so far ahead of other candidates in this election he is prepared to announce that if elected to the presidency, he will go to Vietnam and end the war in that country. Senility sometimes gets him confused as to which party he is running for or against. But, the bottom line is that John McCain represents forces of change, just name one thing he believes in and McCain will change his view on that topic within twenty four hours.