Editorial Of WeeK: What’s Wrong With Barack Obama?

The past week has witnessed Senator John McCain reveal his complete ignorance about foreign policy while Barack Obama is on vacation in a nice sunny spot. There has been no response from Senator Obama about McCain mistakes. The Senator from Arizona has been allowed to pontificate and strut around making pompous statements that are dangerous for world peace while members of the media remain ignorant of what is happening in Georgia and Poland. McCain boasts he knows more about foreign policy than Barack Obama and when he blatantly comes across with statements that are not only erroneous but dangerous, there is silence from the Obama camp.

Senator McCain does not grasp what happened in Georgia anymore than he understands the thinking and concerns of Russia. He said the past week, “we are all Georgians.” The nation of Georgia was either encouraged by George Bush or misunderstood American foreign policy when it invaded South Ossetia. The result is a foreign policy debacle for America, one that has been misunderstood by McCain. A major factor in Russian thinking was Bush pushing for building missile bases on the border of Russia, something McCain believes is perfectly OK. In 1962, President Kennedy responded with anger and threats to Russian attempts to establish air bases in Cuba, and in the ensuing Cuba Missile Crisis, an unofficial agreement was reached under which neither the US nor Russia would construct missile bases on either one’s border. Actually, the US removed its missiles from Turkey as part of the agreement.

The Bush administration violated the unofficial agreement by signing agreements to construct missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic. It was Russian fear that played A role in being so aggressive toward Georgia. Barack Obama should be blasting John McCain for not grasping mistakes made by the Bush administration in creating fear and hostility in the region. Obama must make clear to the American people the world needs relaxation of tension, not more. He must make clear as president he will work to reduce tensions with Russia. He must make clear the US is NOT a Georgian and will not launch attacks but work through means of diplomacy to resolve issues.

John McCain is an ignorant man who speaks loudly and thus creates tensions where none is needed. He is completely unfit to lead any nation, let alone the USA. Obama should be challenging McCain in town hall meetings and informing the American people this man who thinks energy issues could be handled by drilling for more oil does not understand energy issues facing this nation anymore than he grasps how the US should interact with Russia and other nations.

Speak loudly Barack Obama and wave the sword of peace– not war!