Editorial: Sexism, Palinism, And Hypocrisy

I was recently taken to task by a former supporter of Hillary Clinton who was angry of my use of the word, “skirts” and expressed the view although she hates George Bush she was now leaning toward voting the McCain-Palin ticket because “you have to admit, Palin has a sharp mind.” I found the comment fascinating since the writer apparently dislikes everything about Bush while finding something attractive concerning Palin. Let’s look at the Bush record which this woman dislikes:

Bush opposes abortion and wants to end it.
Bush opposes legislation for gender equity in the workplace.
Bush believes the invasion of Iraq was the right choice.
Bush opposes higher minimum wages.
Bush opposes national health insurance.
Bush has opposed action to end global warming. For years he said it did not exist.
Bush has damaged efforts at conservation of national resources.
Bush has placed the Federal government into education with disastrous results -NCLB.
Bush opposes any form of gun control.
Bush has no strategy to handle the situation in Afghanistan.
Bush has authorized invading allies like Pakistan and bombing them.
Bush believes in creationism, not evolution.
OK, we could go on and on.
Sarah Palin agrees with every one of these Bush ideas. So, what exactly is meant by the expression, “at least you have to admit Sarah Palin has a sharp mind?”

This woman, like apparently thousands, if not millions of other women, has turned to Sarah Palin not because of agreeing with any of her political, social, economic or foreign policy ideas, but due to her “sharp mouth.” These women prefer a woman who speaks with nasty, vicious words because they want a woman in high office. Palin is attractive, and, as some women have stated, “she is just like me.” Well, the object of having elections is to ensure we do NOT elect someone just like you. Hopefully, we elect individuals who have the ideas and capability of dealing with issues and discovering solutions.

Sarah Palin has indicated a willingness to confront Russia and, if need be, not blink, even it it meant war! Is this the woman “just like you?” Would you risk the possibility of nuclear war? Sarah Palin is an ignorant, dangerous, loose cannon who could destroy the world because she is “tough” and will “not blink.”

The real question is why do women who supported Hillary Clinton believe the anti-Hillary Cllinton Governor Palin has a “sharp mind?”

  • Eric R

    Glad to have found you writing online. I love it. Miss your humor and insight in the classroom. I’m still teaching and pursuing tenure – I’m now in Great Neck.
    Keep it up.
    Eric R. (from Brooklyn College)

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    Eric, keep it up.