Editorial: Who Is The Real John McCain?

The John McCain campaign for the past several weeks has asked the question: “Who is the real Barack Obama?” It increasingly is evident, the question that bedevils Americans is “who is the real John McCain?” The topsy turvy up and down campaign being wages by McCain has left the American public completely confused as to who he is and what does he stand for. For example, during the past three weeks he has:
1. Claimed the economy was basically in good shape.
2. Claimed he was going to suspend his campaign to rush to Washington D.C. to save an economy that was collapsing.
3. Accused Barack Obama for associating with terrorists and was an individual not to be trusted.
4. Aroused his right wing fanatic audience to a frenzy so many were shouting to “kill Obama.”
5. Assured a member of the audience that Barack Obama was a decent man and she should not worry if he became president.
6. The same day he reassured the audience that Obama was a decent man, his campaign ads were asking about Obama’s association with Bill Ayers and terrorism.
7. Remained silent when the person introducing him made certain everyone knew it was Barack Hussein Obama.
8. A few days later assured his audience Obama was a Christian and a good man.

America is confused about John McCain. He has most probably conducted the most vicious and nasty political campaign since George Bush conducted such a campaign against McCain in the 2000 Republican primary. If John McCain in October, 2008 has a platform, he is the only one who knows such a thing exists. He jumps around from day to day making confusing statements that, on occasion, match the convoluted language of Bush attempting to explain his policies.

John McCain is a graduate of Annapolis and the son of an admiral and the grandson of an admiral. Among the important lessons taught at Annapolis is placing competent people on one’s staff and not promoting incompetent individuals because of personal factors. The selection of the ignorant, dim wit Sarah Palin is undoubtedly the most blatant example of selecting an incompetent person for a high political office in American history. Yes, she can arouse a crowd of right wing kooks, but does any person in their right mind want Sarah Palin making decisions about war and peace?

At this point in his political history, John McCain is a person to pity. He has sold his soul for an opportunity to obtain power. What price salvation is the real question for McCain?

  • Casimire

    Thank you for the reality of the situation, Present Barack Obama;Wins!, by 60%. Don’t worry,just be still,meditate for your self, meditate for the world. Time is about to change, not as we know it. May there Be perfect peace amongst us -Rig Veda